Vienna's English Theatre
 ImageJedes Jahr wird eine Aufführung des Vienna’s English Theatre organisiert. Zuvor werden die SchülerInnen der 3. und 4. Klassen im Englischunterricht auf das Stück vorbereitet.
In diesem Jahr wurde das Stück „The Little Prince“ aufgeführt.

Die Geschichte rund um den kleinen Prinzen und dessen Landung auf dem Planeten Erde wurde neu interpretiert und ins 21. Jahrhundert geholt, dennoch bleiben die Kernthemen des ursprünglichen Werks bewahrt. Die Aufführung war für alle Anwesenden eine interessante und unterhaltsame Veranstaltung sowie eine wertvolle Ergänzung zum regulären Englischunterricht.
 The little prince
 The characters:
 Image Image Image Image
 Flygirl Scientist
 Rose King
 Image Image Image Image
 Pop Star
 Professor Foxy
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The Little Prince meets a lot of strange persons on his trip through space.
In the desert he meets Flygirl, a jet pilot.
 Image Image
Flygirls draws a picure of a boa constrictor swallowing an elephant. - It looks like a hat.
The scientist knows everything about the asteroid B612, the Little Prince's home.
 Image Image
The rose who lives on his planet is a bit of a diva.
He meets a king without any subjects ...
 Image Image
... and a pop star who has only one fan (herself)
"What's the point of owning something that isn't useful to you?"
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"Find a friend and I promise you a way back to your planet."
"The great thing about having a friend is that you have them in your heart."
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What students think about the play:
I like this play a lot! It’s very funny and the actors played really well. They often made funny faces and they sang a lot. My favourite character is Foxy because she says some important things about friendship. I would recommend this play to everybody.

It was great that all the actors speak very well and clearly.

My favourite character is the Little Prince because he is so crazy and funny but he is also very sympathetic. It is really fascinating how he tries to find a friend and who he meets.
The music has a catchy and cool tune. The story wants to say that it doesn’t matter how far your friend is away because he is always in your heart.


My favourite character is the Little Prince. He is a bit strange but clever and very nice to all the people he meets. So in fact it is a very nice performance and I would recommend it to all the people who can speak English.

I like Foxy because even though she is homeless she knows a lot about friendship and has a big heart.

In my opinion it was a good performance and interesting but I prefer stories which have more action.

The Rose is my favourite character. She is funny because she thinks she’s the only rose in the whole universe. She is very beautiful and she has a great voice. She sings very well.

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