Projekt der 2. Klassen

An English week

At Christmas time all students of the second form took part in a project which was named “An English week”. In this context they got the opportunity to improve their English skills in different subjects.
In the subject “English” the students learned words and phrases to order food and drinks. This way they had the chance to act out a scene in a restaurant and they delivered a brilliant performance. Some of the students also solved Christmas puzzles.
In “Handicrafts” the students also fabricated their own stockings in order to use them for Christmas. The instructions to make the stockings were in English.
Furthermore, the pupils got information about the English author „Charles Dickens“ and they watched the well-known film named “Die Weihnachtsgeschichte”. In addition they listened to a recording concerning Christmas in English speaking countries.
In Mathematics the students worked on calculations in English.
Under the title “Jesus is the reason for the season” they read and listened to the English Christmas gospel in Religion. Besides, the students collected Christmas related words and phrases and designed a picture with them.
As English is an international language in Sports the students got English instructions to play different games. Additionally, English interaction was the main aim of the exercises.
Moreover, the pupils prepared a wonderful “English Breakfast” which included pancakes with maple syrup, bacon, eggs and orange juice. It was delicious.
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At the end of the school week the students enjoyed the famous film “The never ending story” in English.
This week was a great opportunity for the children to expand their English skills in many areas of everyday life.

It was a blast – for the students and the teachers.
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