A week in England
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Queuing up at the Vienna airport
Where is my suitcase?
Enya tells about her week in England:

For me the language trip to England was fantastic and wonderful.
Firstly my friend Laura and I were in luck with our host family because they were so friendly to us and cooked really well. But as far as I know the other students from our school were also lucky with their host family.
The LTC College is one of the most beautiful schools I have ever seen. The meal was really delicious and there was always some food everyone liked.
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The chefs of the kitchen. Thank you for the delicious meals.

The lessons were also instructive and all the teachers there were really nice. What we also liked was that my friends and I could go out into the big and beautiful garden during our breaks.
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Now I want to tell you a bit what we did in England:
On Tuesday we went bowling and for the majority of us it was the first time. Everyone had so much fun and liked it.
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On Wednesday we learnt how to play baseball and after it we were allowed to play any ball games.
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On Thursday we went to Beachy Head by bus and went from there we walked along the cliffs to the next beach. It was really arduous but we had an awesome view down to the beach and the beach was also really amazing. But on the top of the cliffs it was really windy.
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At Eastbourne Pier
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On the way to Birling Gap
Beachy Head, the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain.
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At Birling Gap
The Seven Sisters is a series of chalk cliffs .

On Friday we were allowed to choose by ourselves what we wanted to do. We were allowed to go to the cinema , go bowling or to an exhibition. Later some of us did a street interview. It was exciting to talk to the English people.
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On Saturday we went to Brighton and it was so cool. There we also had two and a half hours or something like that to go shopping in a big shopping centre. I went with the boys from class and they thought it was too much time but we still had a lot of fun in Brighton. We also had a guided tour in the palace of King George.

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In the Lanes
The Royal Pavilion
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There's always time to relax - at Brighton's pier or in St. James's park

On Sunday we went to London and had a guided tour - we also saw the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace. After this we went on a boat trip and saw the Tower Bridge two times open which is really rarely to see. The trip was really nice and all our students had a lot of fun.
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Sorry, the Queen wasn't at home.
At the Hard Rock Cafe.

The only thing that the teachers could change is that our school should stay in London for two further days because you can’t see so much of London in one day and that’s a pity.
I would recommend going to Eastbourne because it was a wonderful and funny week.
 ImageIn the end, due to a flight delay, the pilot invited the passengers to come to the cockpit. So some of our students took the opportunity.
As the leader of the group I want to say thank you to the parents because they enabled their children this week in England. And also a big thank you to our students - it was a pleasure to travel with them, they were well-behaved and always in a good mood.
Gerhild Veroneg
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